Road Safety


FNQ Security & Traffic Control is a reliable and trusted provider of road safety services to clients in Bundaberg, Wide Bay and surrounding regions. Given our decades of experience in the region, no company better understands the need for property road safety audits.

With the help of our traffic engineers, you can ensure that roads are compliant with all relevant safety audit guidelines. Our team helps clients in the area minimise risk and improve existing and new road as necessary.

Early design

The process of conducting a road safety audit begins with the initial design, where our team visits a site and determines whether the route choice, accessibility of various kinds of traffic, availability of pedestrian and cycle lanes and other factors are adequate.

Our team works with clients to ensure that all factors for road construction or renovation are considered, such as buildability, traffic management, visibility and sight distance and factors that influence the intersection layout.
Family Crossing the Road — Traffic Control Services in Bundaberg,QLD

Detailed designs

During the detailed design stage, our traffic engineers will perform a thorough analysis of our initial design. The goal during this stage is to reduce costs, mitigate design issues and assess every aspect of the road design. For instance, we examine factors including footpath markings, signage, traffic signals and lighting.

Before traffic

With the help of FNQ Security & Traffic Control, clients in Bundaberg can have their new or renovated road assessed before it is officially open for public use. Our safety auditors will evaluate the road during the day and night, performing safety inspections to test any potential hazards. They look at the suitability of the road for cars, cyclists, pedestrians and public transit vehicles, along with visibility during the day, night and during adverse weather conditions.

We identify discrepancies between the design scheme and the resulting construction, along with recommending the presence of road signs, lightings and footpath markings. From existing roads to new routes, you can trust our team to handle road safety audits of every size or scope.

If you are looking for a company to provide you with superior road safety auditing services, look no further than FNQ Security & Traffic Control. Our auditors will ensure that your road passes local and national regulations and is 100 per cent safe for all kinds of traffic.